Official Release Date: August 18th, 2017


Hello Breakdown Liner Notes On July 9th of 2016 I met a kid named Cale Ferrin at an open air concert in Los Angeles. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Ferrin holds a unique place in the fight against terminal cancer. Born with a fatal disease called Fanconi Anemia, Cale has within his DNA the potential answers that could lead to the cure of diseases like leukemia, breast cancer and head and neck cancer. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t understand any of this because the little dude appears to be set on happy; and he spends every day finding new reasons to dance, sing and make everyone around him feel special. I was so taken by his energy that I ended up writing a song about him which became my video, He Makes Me Happy. The song was very sweet, but 100% of its popularity - which is now at close to half a million views on line - came from Cale’s appearance in the video. I’d always heard about these kind of ‘breaks’ - random occurrences that happen from time to time in the journey of an artist that bring about a sudden and profound change in not just their career but their life in general. And that’s what meeting Cale was for me. I’d had several amazing opportunities fall into my lap over the years, but never one like this. Never one that immediately started to chip away at all of the road blocks I’d built up around me and my potential success as a singer and songwriter. Never one that so clearly showed me a path that would truly be the one of least resistance: just be myself and tell my truth. Over the course of the weeks that followed the release of that video several necessary events occurred that led me to Werewolf Heart Studio in Hollywood on the Monday evening in late September that I did a ‘live to tape’ recording of a collection of deeply personal songs I’d written over the decades of my career entitled, Hello Breakdown. The title is not a reference to my mental state at the time - which was a bit fragile as I was transitioning out of an old way of being and into a new one; but more so the idea that I was finally vulnerable with not just my lyrics but also the way I chose to record the songs - just me and my Seagull CH artist studio guitar; no vocal effects and nothing more then a little EQ and reverb on the finished tracks. This record tells a complete story so I’m hoping you have the entire thing and not just a few songs; and yes, starting it with The Ballad of Jack Dempsey was very intentional. I’m very proud of the work I did through my stage name and persona, but with this record I am forever putting to rest any need to be anyone other then myself. (RIP Jack Dempsey) I want to thank a ton of people for helping me make this happen including Alexander Burke, my producer and partner on this record; Rick Parker and Jeff Moleski for their mastering support; and Taylor Craddock for her generous pre-production help. Thanks also to Mitch “The Song Healer” Weissman for helping me find the chorus of the one song I’ve decided to not release with this record; Laurent Sanchiz for all of the late night adventures that led to The One Hit Song; Travis Eberhard for letting me turn your heartbreak into a cautionary tale for dumb guys like me; and to my mentor and dear friend Ms. Brenda Lee Eager for that brilliant line in The Ballad of Jack Dempsey “… and if I could love you back, I’d love you right back to me”. And of course, a special thank you to my great enablers Sue and Arnold Goldstein. - Ken Goldstein, Los Angeles 2017

The Ballad of Jack Dempsey




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