That ain't no "D" to me... In the mid 2000s I had the great fortune to be host to a private dinner at a restaurant I was involved called cinespace in Hollywood, California. There were just four place settings and four chairs - myself, movie producer Stephen Nemeth (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Dogtown and Z Boyz, Sessions), ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons and actor Peter Fonda. I’d invited them all to come in before we opened for the night to help me taste-test the new menu as well as sample the new wine selections. Twenty six different items were served and 11 bottles of wine were consumed. So many amazing stories shared; so many great moments had between our small group that night. And as the restaurant opened and began to fill with the cool Saturday evening crowd that use to frequent that spot, we just got tighter (and looser) as the hours wore on. When it got past Midnight, I told the guys about a secret vintage car lot I’d discovered beneath the Bed, Bath and Beyond at Sunset and Vine - an absolute gold mine for classic car enthusiasts like the three of them. I also mentioned that the journey to get there would require us not only cutting through an after hours joint around the corner, but also climbing into the underground tunnels that run beneath Hollywood. It took just seconds for everyone to start gathering their coats and just a minute before we were all outside and on Hollywood Boulevard heading towards the portal to the first tunnel. Gibbons and Nemeth were up ahead of me and Fonda and as we were walking I was struggling with a scarf I was wearing in the harsh blow of the Santa Anas. Peter began to recount a story from the production of his film Easy Rider wherein he tried his damnedest to keep a valued scarf around the neck of his iconic character, Wyatt, while riding along the ocean. “The damn thing just kept flying off” he told me. “I really wanted to wear it but we had to keep stopping and starting and in the end it just wasn't worth it.” “So what'd you do?” I asked. “I don’t know,” he replied, "I guess it must have flown off over the Pacific and a lightening bolt hit it or something and I just gave up on the idea. I never saw it again, but I do keep my eye out for it. Maybe one day it'll blow back to me!” That image stuck with me - Wyatt's scarf flying over the Pacific - and the next day I found my VHS copy of Easy Rider; grabbed some blank paper and a number two graphite and started to sketch what was in my head. What I saw was the scarf riding the waves of the wind and eventually catching the tip of a lightening bolt and then the tail and catching one giant gust forming the shape of my logo it its bellow. That isn’t a “D" you’ve been seeing all these years associated to me and my music; it’s the symbol of freedom and purpose that reminds me how I want to show up for my life, and how I want to influence yours through my words, lyrics and songs.

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